Easter Shred – Learning to Fly!


Hi guys,

This is a short edit my dad did from my week in Courchevel 1650 in France last week.

I had a great time and the snow was good for the time of year.

At New Year I  worked more on boxes and rails but decided to practice my grabs and spins this time.

I use K2 Sight 2013 freestyle skis and Salomon spk 100 boots. The video was shot on 2 GoPro cameras.

The song for the video is “learn to fly” by the Foo Fighters.

Hope you like it?




Courchevel April 2014

The North Face


Courchevel April 2014

Nailed the tail grab!


Courchevel April 2014

Snow acrobatics!


Courchevel April 2014

Eat my dust!





New Year fun in Courchevel

Mason Flannery Courchevel Airbag, 31st December 2013

Air bag fun in Courchevel 1850 over New Year.
© http://www.bigactionphoto.com

My edit from Courchevel’s Family Park and Meribel’s Area 43


Family Park Courchevel

Courchevel - 2014

K2 Skiis, Meribel Bubble!

Courchevel - 2014

Family Selfie

Courchevel - 2014

Mum and Dad selfie!

Courchevel - 2014

Don’t try the jump mum!

Courchevel - 2014

Told you not to do the jump mum!!!!

Courchevel - 2014

Last day with New Generation

Courchevel - 2014

First day skiing with Matt

Courchevel - 2014

Claribel in Meribel!