Renowned Ski Tour Operator Supports Olympic Hopefuls

Millie Wilkinson and Mason Flannery

Millie and Mason

A long established travel company which offers ski holidays to the French Alps has pledged its support to two young Olympic hopefuls.

Ski Olympic, established almost a quarter of a century ago in Doncaster, will offer sponsorship to two South Yorkshire teenagers who are aiming high with their skiing ambitions.

Freestyle skier Millie Wilkinson of Dronfield, Sheffield.

Millie in action at The Brits Val Park ©Richard Wilkinson

Millie Wilkinson, 13, from Dronfield and Mason Flannery, 13, from Doncaster both have their sights set on competing in forthcoming Olympics and currently train together at locations across the North of England.

Sochi Freestyle Competition

Mason in action at Snozone Castleford

“We are delighted to offer these two talented teenagers the opportunity to train more and access even more opportunities to allow them to maximise their potential and fulfil their dreams,” said Jarrod Osborne Director Ski Olympic. “Our support, in addition to that of their families, will help them to focus on their ultimate goals and hopefully become professional sports people in the future.”

Millie currently specialises in Slopestyle and is ranked 2nd in her age group. Meanwhile Mason, who has been skiing since he was five also competes in the same discipline and has recently competed in the British Championships at Chill Factor in Manchester.

“We’ve become good training partners and encourage each other to push the boundaries making sure we keep improving all the time,” commented Millie. “Sponsorship is really important to us as it helps us to get the best out of all that is on offer to make us even better.”

Mason concluded, “We’ve enjoyed some fantastic training sessions at SnoZone Castleford and at the Halifax Ski Centre and can now make the most of all the opportunities that come our way thanks to the support of Jarrod and his team.”

Mason Flannery - Studio shoot

Mason Flannery

Millie Wilkinson

Millie Wilkinson


Further information can be found at and Details regarding Ski Olympic can be found at


Joe Tyler Performance Freeski Coaching

Freekski Camp - Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre

Tail Grab

Hey guys on Sunday I took another trip up to the Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre to do a 3 and a half hour session at the Joe Tyler Performance Freeski Coaching session. It was a really good session and everyone did really well.

Freekski Camp - Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre


I was working on taking my 360 bigger and faster and also I did a few unnatural 180’s and a switch 180 as well!

Freekski Camp - Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre

Fun on the lift!

A big thank you to Joe Tyler for all his help and motivation and just a really good day skiing in general!


A Week In Freestyle


Hi guys

Two edits from the last couple of weeks. I’ve had a busy time on the slopes here in the north of England, it’s been really enjoyable.

The first one was from the Friday night freestyle session at Xscape in Castleford, it was a really good session and a great park!

The next one is from the British Freeski Camp at Halifax. It was the first dry slope I’ve ever skied on and it was really good! I was practicing my 360 and was happy to get it by the end of the day!

Thanks to Matt and Aaron from Xscape and Becky and Joe from British Freeski Camps for their coaching and support, a second big shout out to Becky for the fab video footage.





The Indoor Brits 2014

The Brits - Chill FactorHi guys, recently I competed in the Brits at chill factor! It was a very good day. I came 9th out of 13 in my age group (under 16). It was my first proper competition so I’m happy with where I came.

The Brits - Chill Factor

The Brits - Chill FactorMy first run I did a 180 over the spine,  sideward over the up down box, 180 over the kicker and finished it with a front 270 out of the box! That scored me 18 points. My second run I did a switch 180 over the spine, sidewards over the up down box, 180 over the spine and sidewards over the box. That scored me 19 points and luckily I was able to stay on my feet. The scariest part was my last run as I was the last person to go so everyone was watching me!

The Brits - Chill FactorIt was a great experience and I will carry on competing and hopefully start winning some medals!

The Brits - Chill Factor

The Brits - Chill FactorThanks for following, Mason


Easter Shred – Learning to Fly!


Hi guys,

This is a short edit my dad did from my week in Courchevel 1650 in France last week.

I had a great time and the snow was good for the time of year.

At New Year I  worked more on boxes and rails but decided to practice my grabs and spins this time.

I use K2 Sight 2013 freestyle skis and Salomon spk 100 boots. The video was shot on 2 GoPro cameras.

The song for the video is “learn to fly” by the Foo Fighters.

Hope you like it?




Courchevel April 2014

The North Face


Courchevel April 2014

Nailed the tail grab!


Courchevel April 2014

Snow acrobatics!


Courchevel April 2014

Eat my dust!





New Year fun in Courchevel

Mason Flannery Courchevel Airbag, 31st December 2013

Air bag fun in Courchevel 1850 over New Year.

My edit from Courchevel’s Family Park and Meribel’s Area 43


Family Park Courchevel

Courchevel - 2014

K2 Skiis, Meribel Bubble!

Courchevel - 2014

Family Selfie

Courchevel - 2014

Mum and Dad selfie!

Courchevel - 2014

Don’t try the jump mum!

Courchevel - 2014

Told you not to do the jump mum!!!!

Courchevel - 2014

Last day with New Generation

Courchevel - 2014

First day skiing with Matt

Courchevel - 2014

Claribel in Meribel!